Weird Bowling Facts

The Weirder, The Better

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On our hunt for weird bowling facts,we first looked at, where we found these three fascinating tidbits:

  • Early in the 1900s, bowling balls were made of wood (can you imagine?) and then heavy rubber. It wasn’t until about 1960 when manufacturers began using polyester resin that allows the bright swirly colors of today.
  • Nine-pin bowling is currently banned in 49 states, all except Texas. Since the 1830s, bowling was enjoyed in that state – both the nine- and ten-pin variety.
  • When you hit an “optimal strike,” the ball only hits four pins. Righty? Then your ball should hit the 1, 3, 5 and 9. Lefty? The 1, 2, 5 and 8 (or 9) pin. So, if you hit a perfect 300, your ball should only hit 48 pins!

Heading to Neatorama, we learned the following:

  • The oldest reference to bowling in writing (found to date, anyhow!) is when the English King Edward the III banned his troops from bowling. Instead, they were supposed to be focused on archery practice. Henry VIII, though, was said to be a fan of the game, using a cannon ball to play
  • There are 1,024 possible outcomes to a game of bowling.
  • Studies show that bowling helps to burn calories, regulate blood pressure, prevent osteoporosis and work muscle groups not normally used.

More Weird Bowling Facts


more weird bowling facts

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Finally, we need to quote As soon as we saw the heading, “Stuff You Really Don’t Need to Know,” we instantly wanted to know. Here is the scoop, directly quoted:

  • In the movie Kingpin, Bill Murray’s character Big Ern McCraken bowls 3 consecutive strikes at a tournament. Bill Murray actually bowled those strikes.
  • In 1969, President Nixon had a bowling lane installed in the White House. He and the First Lady were avid bowlers.
  • The Brunswick A2 pinsetter is known in the industry as a “tank.” Many centers still operate with A2s from the 1960s. With proper maintenance, they’ll last until the apocalypse.


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