Unique Bowling Ball Art

You know that ball that ALWAYS seems to leave the 10 pin behind? The one that you’d like to put out with next week’s trash? Well, we sympathize. Really, we do.

But, before you throw it away, have you considered repurposing it into unique bowling ball art?

The Bowling Ball Man

After Chris Barbee retired, he had plenty of time on his hands – and his garden had a “few

old bowling balls his wife had used as gazing balls in her rose bed.” He started out by trying to turn them into a fence – and then his project grew from there Other pieces of bowling ball art include a row of lollipops, a pool table, a lighted cross, an American flag, a peace symbol and much more.

Making Your Own Bowling Ball Art

Confession time: we are not bowling ball artists. In fact, we can’t color within the lines. So, to get tips, we looked at the House of Hawthornes, where the blogger shared the following: “I think bowling ball yard art has a sort of cult following, because that post is by far the most Googled of my posts and brings quite a few people to my blog.”

Her original post showed how to cover a bowling ball with pennies. The second, with mosaic glass and grout, to create a garden decoration.

Would you prefer to have your bowling ball to look like a fishing bobber? No problem! What about a yard full of bugs? You are limited only by time and creativity!


If this type of art appeals to you, go for it! But if you’re doing it because you’re leaving the 10 pin behind, it may be easier to just correct the problem.

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