“I tried Roy’s Front 9 for the first time today to remove nasty gummy belt marks that my balls were getting every time I threw them. I first tried some [mentioned a competitor). It would remove the marks with some effort,…. However when I tried Roy’s Front 9 Cleaner, the gummy belt marks came off the ball effortlessly. I was amazed at how easy they came off when compared to the [mentioned a competitor]. I am a big fan of [mentioned a competitor], but it wouldn’t remove the belt marks as easy as Roy’s cleaner did.” (Jim, Oklahoma)

“Just wanted to thank Roy for the sample. I used it on my AMF CODE today before league. Shot 259-256-278-259=1052. Might of had a chance at 300-800 if it were not for the stone 8 I left in the 9th frame 3rd game with the front 8!! “(Steve from Ashtabula, Ohio)

“I was seriously surprised to see how much more came off the ball after that. I mean it wasn’t just a little bit of grime. It was a lot. Really opened up the pores and let the oil out.” (Josh from Auburn, Washington)

“This stuff is great. Thank you. I’ve been using it on my AO now that I can use it all 3 games because the owner changed the oil from Med-light to pretty slick. Doesn’t matter, though, I like it and the cleaner takes the tracks and dirt and grime right off with no scrubbing. Thanks again for the great product and I will be ordering more when this is out.” (James from Orkney Springs, Virginia)