Ole Roy’s Bowling Ball Cleaner

Hello! We’re happy to be able to share the story of Ole Roy’s Bowling Ball Cleaner with you today. The product began, as so many American stories of ingenuity do, with a problem that needed solved.

The problem? A bowling ball cleaner that does a good job for lanes that have plenty of oil doesn’t work well later in the evening, when the lanes are dryer – and vice versa. So, Ole Roy – a recreational bowler and a born tinkerer – created two different products for the two different lane conditions:

  • Early Shift Bowling Ball Cleaner
  • Late Shift Bowling Ball CleanerBoth cleaners are USBC approved for “ANYTIME” use during competition.

And, rather than listen to what we have to say about how well it works, listen to this product review:

More Testimonials

Here are what other bowlers have had to say:

“Just wanted to thank Roy for the sample. I used it on my AMF CODE today before league. Shot 259-256-278-259=1052. Might of had a chance at 300-800 if it were not for the stone 8 I left in the 9th frame 3rd game with the front 8!!”  (Steve from Ashtabula, Ohio) 

“I was seriously surprised to see how much more came off the ball after that. I mean it wasn’t just a little bit of grime. It was a lot. Really opened up the pores and let the oil out. ” (Josh from Auburn, Washington)

“This stuff is great. Thank you. I’ve been using it on my AO now that I can use it all 3 games because the owner changed the oil from Med-light to pretty slick. Doesn’t matter, though, I like it and the cleaner takes the tracks and dirt and grime right off with no scrubbing. Thanks again for the great product and I will be ordering more when this is out. ” (James from Orkney Springs, Virginia)

Questions about Cleaning a Bowling Ball?

We’re here to help! Everyone at Ole Roy’s loves bowling – and to help other people bowl their best. So, ask whatever questions you have in the comments below or send us your questions online.

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