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Bowling is a part of American culture, from cartoons to movies and more, as well as part of the leisure lives of our parents and grandparents. Here’s some bowling news that we’ve found online.

Old-School Bowling Alleys

In May 2015, CNN published an article titled America’s Best Old-School Bowling Alleys. In the article, they reviewed 13 old-style bowling alleys still in existence, where guys named Bud might be keeping score with a pencil. This includes the Lower Columbia Bowl in Astoria, Oregon that was originally built as a car dealership and garage in 1946, but turned into a bowling alley in 1956.

Meanwhile, Rohman’s Inn and Pub in Shohola, Pennsylvania is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This four-lane, manually-operated alley was built in 1941 and boasts wooden folding seats for spectators, plus a jukebox and the original wooden lanes. After you knock down the pins, you can have your pinsetter manually reset them. Or, you can hire someone at the alley for $5 an hour. The bar in the basement dates back to the 1800s, and visitors have included Bette Davis, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks; this town was once the setting for silent films.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, stop by the Action Duckpin Bowl, originally opened in 1928 with young boy pinsetters. Steve McQueen allegedly was one. The walls feature vintage bowling photos, ads, awards and memorabilia.Be sure to read the CNN article for more information about these and other old-school bowling alleys.

Bowling with Pretty Playful Sally

On October 14, 1957, songwriter Joe Montgomery released The Bowling Song where he shared his tongue-in-cheek solution to get more strikes. He and pretty Sally simply imagine the pins as people they don’t like — and then they bowl those “knuckleheads” down with their balls, getting yet another “lucky strike.”

Homer Simpson and the Moonwalk

The world would be a drearier place if Homer Simpson hadn’t bowled a strike while moonwalking to Michael Jackson’s song, Billy Jean.

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