Who We Are
Ole Roys Table Set up

Ole Roy — the person — is a born tinkerer. No matter what he touches, he’s soon mulling over how to make it work even better. So, it isn’t surprising that, as he enjoyed a game of bowling, he began to think about how typical bowling ball cleaners might work under one set of lane conditions — but not another.So, he headed to his basement, where he experimented with two different varieties of bowling ball cleaner: the Early Shift, when oil is fresher on the lanes, and the Late Shift, when lane conditions are dryer.

He then offered the products on the Bowling Ball Exchange, where he met with positive feedback. This encouraged him to submit the cleaners to the USBC, where he received approval for all use. Now we’re bringing Ole Roy’s Bowling Ball Cleaner, Early Shift and Late Shift, to  you!


PO Box 3345, Lorain, Ohio 44052.
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