Who is Ole Roy?

The man that appears in the Ole Roy logo is based on the man who invented the bowling ball cleaner. He is down to earth and loves to help other people. He is innovative and great at brainstorming straightforward solutions to problems that people experience. His solutions aren’t fancy. They’re practical — and they work. Our brand persona is based on Roy’s personality: a salt of the earth solution for bowlers who want to solve a commonly-held problem: having a ball cleaner that can be adjusted as lane conditions change.

Early form of bowling?

Early History of Bowling

According to the International Museum of Bowling, a British anthropologist named Sir Flinders Petrie discovered a “crude form of bowling” in an ancient Egyptian tomb. Continue Reading.

Team Ole Roy’s promotes the sport of bowling

We don’t just make ball cleaner; we put our money where our mouth is! We have sponsored local teams and national tournaments. We contribute to fundraisers that help spread the sport throughout the country. We are proud to help both our community and the sport that we love.

Ole Roy

Ole Roy — the person — is a born tinkerer. No matter what he touches, he’s soon mulling over how to make it work even better. So, it isn’t surprising that, as he enjoyed a game of bowling, he began to think about how typical bowling ball cleaners might work under one set of lane conditions